1.  Missin' Yesterday

2.  A Girl To Love

3.  I'll Always Love You

4.  I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)

5.  I Really Love You

6.  Ain't Nothin' But A House Party

7.  Here's A Heart

8.  Just Walk In My Shoes

9.  Open The Door To Your Heart

10.  Look Over Your Shoulder

11.  I Got To Know

12.  There's Gonna Be A Showdown

13.  At Last

14.  I've Never Found A Girl

15.  I Know I Know

16.  Shake A Tail Feather

17.  Just One Look

18.  Temptation 'Bout To Get Me

19.  With This Ring

20.  Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody

21.  It's All Over

22.  Since You've Been Gone


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1.  All Your Lovin's Gone To My Head

2.  I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow

3.  I Heard It Through The Grapevine

4.  For Your Precious Love

5.  Walkin' My Baby Back Home

6.  Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl

7.  Why Do You Have To Go

8.  In A Moment

9.  Band of Gold

10.  Human

11.  Get On Up

12.  Any Day Now

13.  Gotta Get Away

14.  I Dig Your Act

15.  I'm So Proud

16.  Tell Mama

17.  The Watusi

18.  Farewell My Love

19.  Think

20.  Reach Out For The Children 

1.  (We're The) Class of '60 Somethin'

2.  Sookie Sookie

3.  Cherry Pie

4.  Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)

5.  Walkin' The Dog/Money

6.  I've Been Trying

7.  I Can't Get Next To You

8.  B-A-B-Y

9.  Going Going Gone

10.  Somebody's Been Sleeping (In My Bed)

11.  I Want A Love I Can See

12.  It's Gonna Take A Miracle

13.  Born Under A Bad Sign

14.  Little Turtle Dove

15.  It's All In The Game

16.  Chain Of Fools

17.  Funky Street

18.  It Hurts To Tell You

19.  Could It Be I'm Falling In Love

20.  Sly & The Family Stone Medley

21.  (We're The) Class of '60 Somethin' (Reprise)

1.  Function At The Junction

2.  Ask The Lonely

3.  Love Man

4.  The Bells

5.  I Got It

6.  A Quiet Place

7.  Show Me

8.  Everybody's Somebody's Fool

9.  It Takes Two

10.  I Second That Emotion

11.  Rainy Night In Georgia

12.  Please Forgive Me

13.  Thank You Anyway, Mr. DJ

14.  Let A Woman Be A Woman, Let A Man Be A Man

15.  Love Letters

16.  Good Good Lovin

17.  Stay With Me

18.  I'm So Glad I Found You

1.  I'll Always Love You

2.  I've Never Found A Girl

3.  Temptation 'Bout To Get Me

4.  In A Moment

5.  Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl

6.  For Your Precious Love

7.  Get On Up

8.  I Got To Know

9.  Human

10.  Since You've Been Gone

11.  Why Do You Have To Go

12.  With This Ring

13.  I Want A Love I Can See

14.  The Bells

15.  Love Man

16.  Everybody's Somebody's Fool

17.  The Watusi

18.  It Takes Two

19.  I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow

20.  Walkin' The Dog/Money

21.  Rainy Night In Georgia

22.  All Your Lovin's Gone To My Head

23.  I'm So Glad I Found You

24.  Stay With Me

BONUS TRACK (From The Mike Leash Studio Archives)

25.  Fat Daddy's (A Musical Journey In Time)

Studio Recordings Feature The Vocal

And Instrumental Talents Of:

Bob Angelucci

Rita Angelucci

Edward "Ike" Bowers

Dave Bupp

Thom "Daddy C" Colson

Steve Flinchbaugh

Buck Generette

Larry Green

Leon Hillard

Don Hodgen

Jim Inners

Buddy King

Bob Kraut

Mike Leash

Paul Leash

Tom Leash

Bill Lewis

Les Markel

Phil Maxey

Ron Miller

Tim Miller

Dick Reincke

Chuck "Shades" Ronemus

John Scheivert

Jim Seville

Otto "Spike" Sexton

B. Derek Shaw

Parke Shissler

Allen "Jap" Shue

Dave Stewart

Steve Weaver

Steve Wettig

Dan Wolfe

Tom Young

Produced by Mike Leash

Engineered & Mixed By Michael Watert

  • Volume 1 Preview3:33
  • Volume 2 Preview3:11
  • Volume 3 Preview4:05
  • Volume 4 Preview3:52