Tom Young      Buddy King       Ike Bowers       Spike Sexton      Daddy C

Rita Angelucci, Ike Bowers, Tom Young

Ike Bowers

Buddy King

Mike Leash, DJ Butch Halpin

Spike Sexton

Special Guests Charlie & Richie


Thom " Daddy C" Colson

Bill Black            Rita            John Corcoran      Bill Lewis

           Tom Pane   Bob Angelucci     Greg Kendig      Greg Touloumes

Special Guest "EDDIE HOLMAN"

"Live" Shows Currently Feature:

Bob Angelucci - Drums (Magnificent Men, Class Act)

Rita Angelucci - Vocals (Class Act)

Bill Black - Trumpet (Class Act)

Edward "Ike" Bowers - Vocals (Del-Chords)

Thom "Daddy C" Colson - Vocals (Custer's Last Band)

John Corcoran - Guitar (Class Act)

Greg Kendig - Vocals (Class Act)

Adrian "Buddy" King - Vocals (Magnificent Men, Del-Chords)

Bill Lewis - Bass (Class Act)

Tom Pane - Sax, Vocals (Magnificent Men, Class Act)

Art Proctor - Vocals (Endells)

Otto "Spike" Sexton - Vocals (Del-Chords)

Greg Touloumes - Keyboards (Class Act)

Tom Young - Vocals (Custer's Last Band)

Tom Pane, Rita Angelucci

Bob Angelucci

What started in 1995 as a studio project to record a few classic R&B songs from the 60's, has evolved into a 4 CD collection of some of the greatest R&B of all time.  Founded by producer Mike Leash, the Class of '60 Somethin' features the aged-in-soul talents of some of the original members of THE MAGNIFICENT MEN, THE DEL-CHORDS, CUSTER'S LAST BAND and CLASS ACT featuring RITA.

As a result of the tremendous response to their music the Class of '60 Somethin' presents two live dance parties a year at the York Expo Center in York, PA. 

The Class of '60 Somethin' truly is a

one-of-a-kind musical journey in time!

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