Buck Generette

November 20, 1941 - December 17, 2016

Sadly Missed But Never Forgotten.

​Rest In Peace Brother.

Bob Angelucci

What started in 1995 as a studio project to record a few classic R&B songs from the 60's, has evolved into a 4 CD collection of some of the greatest R&B of all time.  Founded by producer Mike Leash, the Class of '60 Somethin' features the aged-in-soul talents of some of the original members of THE MAGNIFICENT MEN, THE DEL-CHORDS, CUSTER'S LAST BAND and CLASS ACT featuring RITA.

As a result of the tremendous response to their music the Class of '60 Somethin' presents two live dance parties a year to sell-out crowds at the York Expo Center in York, PA. 

The Class of '60 Somethin' truly is a

one-of-a-kind musical journey in time!

Buddy King

Spike Sexton

Rita Angelucci, Ike Bowers, Tom Young

Special Guest "EDDIE HOLMAN"

"Live" Shows Currently Feature:

Bob Angelucci - Drums (Magnificent Men, Class Act)

Rita Angelucci - Vocals (Class Act)

Bill Black - Trumpet (Class Act)

Edward "Ike" Bowers - Vocals (Del-Chords)

Thom "Daddy C" Colson - Vocals (Custer's Last Band)

John Corcoran - Guitar (Class Act)

Greg Kendig - Vocals (Class Act)

Adrian "Buddy" King - Vocals (Magnificent Men, Del-Chords)

Bill Lewis - Bass (Class Act)

Tom Pane - Sax, Vocals (Magnificent Men, Class Act)

Art Proctor - Vocals (Endells)

Otto "Spike" Sexton - Vocals (Del-Chords)

Greg Touloumes - Keyboards (Class Act)

Tom Young - Vocals (Custer's Last Band)

Tom Young      Buddy King       Ike Bowers       Spike Sexton      Daddy C

Tom Pane, Rita Angelucci

Mike Leash, DJ Butch Halpin

Copyright 2015 MLProductions.  All Rights Reserved.

Ike Bowers

Bill Black            Rita            John Corcoran      Bill Lewis

           Tom Pane   Bob Angelucci     Greg Kendig      Greg Touloumes

Thom " Daddy C" Colson

Special Guests Charlie & Richie



APRIL 22, 2017